How to get started with the Amazon Affiliate Program

So now you have a rough idea about my history and how I got into hustling and making money online in the first place.

But so far I haven’t given you a single clue about how I do it.


Amazon is the biggest internet retailer

Biggie Smalls - if you don't know now you know

First of all – have you heard of Amazon?

You know the giant behemoth that is basically destroying brick and mortar stores all around the united states.

If you haven’t heard of this 300 billion dollar company, you’ve probably been living under a rock.

Sorry but it’s true.

They started out as a company that focused on selling books online, and are one of the few big companies that survived the dot com crash.

They expanded into selling everything and anything basically and with their Amazon Prime membership

So how do I make money from this you ask

First of all take a look at their affiliate program here and notice the percentages you can earn for each product category.

You want to stay away from any products that pay you less than 4% per sale unless those products cost over $1,000.

Some example big ticket items: refrigerators, big screen tvs, computers, laptops, the list goes on and on.

Pick a category you want to focus on for this example purpose and I’ll go more into detail later on picking an optimal category, but for now just have an example in mind.

Practice building a website

It will take multiple attempts before you get a good looking website going, so before your ready for the big leagues just jump in and build a website.

Don’t worry about it selling anything yet, you just want to prove you can do it.

One step at a time.

First things first, pick a theme.

One that I personally like because inktheme’s design.

You can experiment on your own but if you want a good amazon affiliate wordpress theme to start with, check out their live preview and decide.

Setting up a WordPress site is so ridiculously easy that I am thinking to just say “google how to setup a WordPress site” and let you figure it out on your own.

You’ll have to learn things on your own anyway.

Or maybe I’ll change my mind and decide to write it out for you.

If you really want to know, leave me a comment to inspire me, or questions you have after googling it.

The backstory of a hustler

Hi World,

It’s me Amanda, and I have been successfully making a 5 figure income online via amazon affiliate websites for the last 5 years.

Got your attention?

Right now you might be wondering how I did it, or you might be wondering why the holy heck my blog is filled with references to Ugg boots.

Well, I’ll save both till the end of the post to keep you interested.

I always wanted to be a classy girl.

I grew up in a poor family on the edge of a good neighborhood and a bad neighborhood.

My parents pushed really hard to get me into the good school, but I could tell everyone there knew I was poor.

My clothes were hand-me-down non-name brand clothes like Robeek shoes (bet you’ve never heard of them, not sure if they even exist anymore)

I didn’t care too much about this and even thought it was cool when I was younger, even though now that I look back on it I think some kids looked down on me.

But I grew older and got to the age where I started caring about boys, fashion, and wanting to look better than other girls around me.

My mother had an old high school friend, Maggy, who we used to hang out with when we were little.

And then didn’t see here for a while.

A long while.

And then one day she came back and I was just wowed by her.

She has a coach purse that I’ve fantasized about.

Her heels just screamed powerful sexy woman.

I asked her how she was able to afford all this, because she was sooooo freaking broke when I remember her as a kid.

She told me she did door to door sales for selling a crockpot machine.

A freaking crockpot machine


My mind was blown.

My parents wanted me to go to college and do this major or that major.

But all I could think was I wanted money now.

And realized selling was where it was at.

And as you might have guessed by now – I really really really wanted a bad ass pair of ugg’s

So I asked her if I could help her out.

She said a kid can’t work for her company.

I said, how about you don’t tell anyone that I’m doing it.

I’ll go door to door and try to sell it and be all cute and innocent.

And when I make sales, you just tell them you did it.

And we’ll split it 50/50.

That was the start.

Damn did I work my ass off.

And I failed miserably for quite some time.

But eventually it became second nature to me.

And I still remember that day my first “paycheck” arrived from Maggy, and that first pair of Ugg’s on my feet.

But crazily after getting them, it barely brought me any happiness as I had assumed.

I was now more obsessed with selling and that feeling of self improvement than I was with the Uggs.

But that passion and drive for those damn shoes sparked something in me, that I will never forget.

So now you know my story but are probably wondering about how the heck I make money from amazon affiliate sales.

And if you are smart you are probably wondering why would I spend my time telling you about it.

  1. I love helping women succeed in a world that feels dominated by men
  2. Everyone that I end up talking to about this learns something from me but then ends up showing me some new tricks
  3. I secretly hope that this will be the biggest blog on teaching women how to sell

For your homework today check out this video which is a great into to amazon affiliate marketing

Good luck

And if you’re inspired by my life story or curious about this let me know!